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Hovey Williams is a gifted multidisciplinary healer, author, professor, and national speaker. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Traditional Chinese Herbalist, and a Grandmaster Energy Healer. He has been a helping professional for fifteen years. All services at Jade Mountain, Inc. are performed directly by Hovey. Patients find Hovey to be very down-to-earth and approachable.

Hovey Williams is a caring, compassionate healer whose holistic approach has enabled him to help patients in over half of US states and from several countries find relief from a wide variety of illnesses. His broad and extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge and clinical skills combined with his vast life-experiences enable him to connect with a wide-variety of patients and find and eliminate the root causes of illness and suffering.

In the field of psychology, he has specialized traning and experience in several areas. He trained in Suicidology with the National Director of Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention, and holds Crisis Line Certification. He has experience working with severe, chronic, dually-diagnosed patients suffering concurrently from both mental health and substance abuse issues. He has specialized training and experience working with psychosis, with an emphasis on schizophrenia. Finally, he has specialized experience working with the Hispanic/Latino populations, including working with interpreters. In fact, Hovey helped design cutting-edge curriculum for the ground-breaking program in Medical Interpreting for Waubonsee Community College, the first of its kind in Illinois, and one of the first in the nation. He has also been a frequent guest-lecturer for this program over the years, and was a speaker at their National Conference An Interpreter's Prescription for Better Care in July 2009. Hovey treats patients with all types of conditions. His current clinical focus is helping patients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Hovey Williams has been involved with the field of Chinese Herbal Medicine for 19 years. He has privately apprenticed under two prominent teachers--one Chinese, the other American (offering him two important cultural viewpoints on the subject)--and also studied Chinese Medical Theory and Practice at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. He has undertaken additional studies in the field of Naturopathic Medicine, focusing on herbal studies. He has also supported lobbying efforts to help organize the field of Chinese Herbal Medicine and improve its recognition in the United States.

In addition to studying Medical Qigong in the field of Chinese Medicine, Hovey Williams has privately trained under a number of Grandmaster healers from several different traditions. Hovey Williams has emerged as a true forerunner in the field of Energy Healing. He is a published author in this field; he is the founder of the Mission Energy Healing Institiute, which trains professional Energy Healers internationally; and he has developed cutting edge healing techniques that are currently being used in the field both for humans and animals.

In 2009 he published the book Energy Healing for Everyone, which offers many ways to heal the self and loved ones using simple, powerful methods of Energy Healing that almost anyone can quickly learn to apply. Purchase the book now! .www.energyhealingforeveryone.com (opens new page)

Hovey is currently promoting his new book and is available to do book signings and lead workshops utilizing techniques from the book in your bookstore, health center, or hospital. Call to book now: 630-232-0502.


Find out how you can help yourself with simple self-healing techniques. Buy my new book here: www.energyhealingforeveryone.com (opens new page)